INSPIRE: Breathing Art Into Life Livestream

Thursday, January 5, at 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST.

Join Dr Joe with special guest, artist Alex Ruiz, as they talk about their
collaboration on Inspire – and the artwork Alex created especially for this project.

After their conversation, Dr Joe will choose two tracks from the upcoming Inspire
release to guide all attendees as we practice pulling the mind out of the body. Be
the first to experience Inspire ... before we share it with the world.

Inspire V1 - Ten Tracks to Master the Breath by Dr Joe Dispenza


Ten Tracks to Master the Breath by Dr Joe Dispenza

Inspire is a new compilation of Dr Joe’s Pulling the Mind Out of the Body breath tracks – designed to help students evolve their ability to ascend their energy from the base of the spine to the pineal gland in the brain.

Featuring multiple songs, with variations in instruction, tempo, and intensity, Inspire lets students customize and personalize their “breath” practice.


What is INSPIRE?

One of the core methods in Dr Joe’s teachings is a breath called "Pulling the Mind Out of the Body." This powerful practice is designed to move the creative energy that rests, dormant, at the base of the spine – and direct it to the pineal gland in the brain. In ancient practices, it’s known as kundalini energy.

We often hold on to unwanted emotions and store them in the body, which blocks our energy. This breath removes, releases, and transforms those self-limiting emotions – and in so doing, frees the body from the past.

Dr Joe’s research has demonstrated that, when the breath is done properly, we can create high levels of coherent gamma brain waves. These gamma frequencies can help us reach heightened awareness, super-consciousness, and states of bliss.

Inspire offers the chance to work with the breath in limitless ways. Students can choose the type and amount of guidance they feel called to, select different songs for each meditation, practice the breath without any music, make their own playlists, or shuffle the entire album. Some songs have a faster beat to energize and inspire practitioners; others have less intensity and speed, allowing them to take their time and focus on finding their own rhythm.

Inspire was designed to improve students’ experience with this essential practice – until it becomes effortless.